Founded in 2016, Peach is located in Virginia Beach, VA. Starting as the small retail shop of Roost Flowers - a floral design studio - Peach has grown into a favorite local destination for unique decor, crazy-cool plants and the perfect gift. 
We choose each of our products so carefully...considering what we love, what we would actually use in our everyday lives, and what makes us feel special and want to share it with others. Each product we carry must:
be beautiful as well as functional. Gorgeous design and packaging are great, but only if the product is just as good.
have a classic element. New is exciting and trends can be so fun, as long as they will eventually become classics.
• make everyday life betterIt's the little things that make us, our lives and those around us feel special, beautiful and just plain cozy. These are the things we crave and seek out.